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The InterPrime Newsletter

The InterPrime Newsletter

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The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #18 - Introducing Rho Prime Treasury

Today we launched the InterPrime service integrated into the Rho Finance Platform, as Rho Prime Treasury. After being acquired by Rho in March, we have been working hard to integrate the InterPrime Treasury Management service into Rho. Businesses will now hav…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #17 - InterPrime + Rho

We are pleased to announce that InterPrime is joining Rho. Rho and its affiliates offer an expansive suite of services, including integrated cash and spend management. We believe that joining Rho will accelerate our goal of providing comprehensive corporate t…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #16 - Hello to 2022!

"If you’re at a poker table and you don’t see a sucker, it’s you.” That quote is from Amarillo Slim Preston, a professional gambler. It comes across tongue in cheek, but the wisdom is enormous.Before there were internet based multiplayer video games, or the m…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #15 - Inflation & Markets

The Oxford dictionary defines inflation as “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.”Yes, you read that right, it says that the money you hold is becoming WORTH-less due to inflation. Inflation is the invisible evil that leads t…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #14 - The Fed Taper & a Fall market update

At the start of the covid-19 crisis almost 18 months ago, the U.S. Fed was amongst the first to act. They acted swiftly and decisively to protect the global financial system and markets. Their primary acts were to drop short term interest rates to 0, and be a…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #13 - Leveraging Bond Ladders & a market update

“It takes money to make money”Some people believe it to the letter. While others completely disagree with it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.The tools and strategies to grow the money you have move along a risk spectrum. On one side are speculative high…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #12 - The corporate bond markets & a market update

There is always chatter about how money is cheap and big companies can borrow huge amounts at low interest rates. This issue will provide insight into how much “cheap money” is really there, who is able to take advantage of it, and how they benefit and put it…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #11 - What Coinbase does with their cash

Coinbase is synonymous with Crypto, and they are “The trusted venue for crypto trading and custody”. Today we are going to review the financials and learn what they do with their cash and crypto - how much do they have, which cryptos they hold, and where they…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #10 - Inflation, do you feel it yet?

M2 is a calculation of the money supply that includes all elements of M1 as well as "near money." M1 includes cash and checking deposits, while near money refers to savings deposits, money market securities, mutual funds, and other time deposits. These assets…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #9 - Archegos margin call & Q1 2021 market update

Archegos is the family office of Bill Hwang who trained under Julian Robertson at Tiger Management, and is part of the mafia known as Tiger Cubs. He was the head of Tiger Asia Management, a prolific hedge fund that was shut down in 2012 after they settled wit…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #8 - The Market that moves all markets

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Newton’s Third LawNewton’s Third Law is a physics fact but in investing you see similar reactions. News stories, earnings reports, environmental crises and tweets seem to affect the markets on a daily…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #7 - Why Tesla, Square & MicroStrategy bought Bitcoin

It’s simple - you get 50% off 1 month’s management fees for every referral! We are so grateful to you all for the referrals you send us, and thank you for the trust you have placed in us. Please do keep them coming!


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #6 - New Offering (earn up to 1%), Banks are not your fiduciaries

We are now able to offer an investment option that yields up to 1% with only a 30 day lock up through one of our custodians Interactive Brokers. It's a 'note' offered by Interactive Brokers and you can think of it the same way you would a Corporate Bond offer…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #5 - 3 Lessons from 2020

Animal House is a film classic.Outlandish scenarios, risque behaviour, and general foolishness keeps eyes glued to the screen. The financial markets of 2020 were no different.COVID-19 would be a Black Swan event in the mind of Nassim Taleb. A once in a lifeti…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #4 - Apple's Corporate Cash

Apple is the largest company in the USA, and it’s arguably the most admired company in the world. They build products that delight their customers, and run their business to benefit all their stakeholders. They are also one of the slickest and most sophistica…


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #3 - Airbnb, DoorDash & Zoom

Airbnb, DoorDash and Zoom are very different companies, but you will see that a lot of the strategies they use to keep their corporate cash safe, liquid and earning a reasonable rate of return are quite similar.


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #2 The U.S. Federal Reserve

"Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago" - Warren Buffett


The InterPrime Newsletter - Issue #1 Snowflakes in September

"Wall Street people learn nothing and forget everything." Benjamin Graham